CUE card

​CUE card
Describe an aim or goal that you hope to achieve in the future.
You should say
- what the aim is
- when you hope to achieve it

- what you need to do to reach your goal
- and why this goal is important to you.

Sample Answer:
I’m going to describe a future aim of mine, which is to write a book. I’d like to write a novel, so the story or plot would be fictional, but it would probably be influenced by some of my own experiences, ideas and views.
Unfortunately I have no idea where to start or what my novel would be about, so I can’t imagine achieving this aim until later in my life. Maybe it will be something that I do as a hobby when I retire, or I might suddenly be inspired to start writing much sooner. It’s just a vague objective at the moment.
I think it must be extremely difficult to find the motivation to write a novel, so more than anything I would need time, commitment and the passion to keep working until I finished. I would probably need to set a goal of writing for a certain amount of time each day, and of course I’d need a good idea for a story in the first place.
This goal interests me because I’ve always wondered how people manage to create a work of fiction from nothing; I’ve always wondered whether I could do the same, and whether I’d be capable of bringing a story to life. I’ve always enjoyed reading, and I’d like to follow in the footsteps of my favourite authors.

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