READING True False or Not Given

​READING True False or Not Given

Look at the following question tricky. (Cambridge IELTS book 10, page 67)
Here's the question. Is this statement true, false or not given?:
Tourism has a social impact because it promotes recreation.
Here's the relevant sentence from the passage:
Tourism has a profound impact both on the world economy, and because of the educative effect of travel and the effects on employment, on society itself.
What's the answer?
My students were sure that the answer would be "false". According to the passage, the social impact of tourism is related to education and employment. However, the correct answer is "not given".
There is no mention of "recreation" in the passage. For the answer to be "false", the passage would need to tell us that recreation is not part of the social impact of tourism.
The answer is "false" when the information in the passage contradicts the question statement. If any of the information is missing, we have to answer "not given".

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