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The seeds for rumors are usually the truth. Sometimes, our logical reasoning fails us that's a sign of the human thinking capacity going astray, lol. That's a story i saw once in a documentary. As the saying goes in statistics, correlation does not equal causation. Although I didn't think about it that way at first, I agree that some rumors are meant to make someone look bad. During the ebola time which was spreading across Africa, after some of the victims travelled away to another country in the hopes of getting cure for the disease, that was how one was able to bring the virus all the way from Liberia to Nigeria (the man came to meet one of our doctors here who said he had a cure for it, to rewind time remember it was Liberia the Ebola virus came from) . 1 decade ago. Before sharing an online rumor with your friends and family, take the time to verify it. Are Oversexed Whales Responsible for the Saltiness of the Ocean? I’ve shared stuff I’ve never dared to share before. Posts: 50 Join date: 2008-01-12 Age: 112 Location: my house ( others call it a 'box') Subject: Re: True or Rumor? A more realistic response is equally difficult, although less than the first one. I deliberately skipped past it as your post doesn't directly address that topic whatsoever. Here in the present we can see that many stereotypes about marginalized groups are fed systematically by rumors. I don't believe in that phrase, the only rule to this is that in every rumours there is false or truth to it, it doesn't work together just like a burning iron being placed on ice it explodes, there are so many things especially rumors that even though we hear we need to think about it before spreading it around. I don't see the connection, haha. Some rumors sprouts from the truth. The other moon in the picture of Neil Armstrong is not a moon, but the earth. Most people stick with rumors which are obviously not true, rumors are like wildfire they sure know how to spread lol. A rumor is a story which may not be true. The rumor soon went about. The source and mandatory demos suggest the rumor, while amazing, may be too good to be true. But anyway, we can say that in a rumor there's always an atom of truth. A vast majority of those infos are either incorrect or unconfirmed. But there are some rumors which gets to be passed around and later it turns out true, more like the world power leaders hiding things from us and the entire world, they act like they are trying to protect something that we don't know of except them. (if you are the one being involved) This is a serious matter that shouldn't be brushed off so easily. Rumors & Hoaxes. Sometimes I wonder if people lack just simple logical reasoning. Very true i must agree with you. The rumor turned out true. Normally rumors are oral messages: word of mouth. Even if it's untrue, though, it might be based on fact: Fact: Alice and Bob have been spending a lot of time together. Lv 7. I feel really bad that I believed it and that I spread what turned out to be a rumor about you. @Barida It's a shame that most people aren't caring about the effects of what they spill out in the public. But not in every rumor. Even if it had been true, I still shouldn't have spread it. But as we all know, it's almost impossible to know the source of most rumors unless it's the one started by you personally. Lastly, the most insane MCU rumor to come true revolves more around the production of the films than the actual plot points. In no sense is this information intended to provide diagnoses or act as a substitute for the work of a qualified professional. It was an elderly couple and the woman always spied down her window and took notes of things people did, every single day. Even if things didn't take such a terrible turn? Even if it had been true, I still shouldn't have spread it. What I believe in is that if theres a smoke theres a fire which is similar to humors. 10 months ago. There are many rumors around us. Rumors might be completely false, however, some rumors seem to be so true that you might be willing to believe it. So, it's possible that there's an atom of truth in some cases. The rumor turned out false. I don't think so, because the terms "every" and "always" aren't in my statement. How come some rumours turn out to be false but simply just reality, that means that rumors are not just things made up by the mind, rather they are things that they don't want us to know about especially when it turns out true. We cant please people to make rumors. Sidney Powell Confirms Rumor Is True: Trump Was Watching The Fraud Happen In Realtime On Election Night From Eisenhower Building SCIF! "Like" us on Facebook, Google +1 or Twitter Tweet: What is This is so true @Rumu, I have witnessed such even on Facebook where someone started a post rumor of a young lady who has HIV and was getting lots of people infected. The message went viral to the extent I believe it got to the family members of the girl. Kathy. Rumu, I never disputed the fact the some rumors have got iota of truth in them, but the thing I'm trying to say is that we've got to u understand that some are merely on the ground to taint the image of someone. 10 months ago. You wouldn't have made it any clearer. I'm looking forward to the best rumors of 2018. As a rumor it's just an allegation. Yes. The receiver often adds their own opinion. Subject: True or Rumor? If ever someone tells you something, before believing it make sure you go to the source. I guess you failed to notice the "true or false" part of the topic which happens to be the focal point of the subject. No, I don't think that the rule is true. Just like I said before, paying heed to such disgusting rumors is simply a waste of time and energy. Are you sure you want to delete this post? That's why it's better to get proper context before reacting. rumour definition: 1. an unofficial interesting story or piece of news that might be true or invented, and quickly…. There can be some amount of truth in some of the rumours that we hear but mostly rumours are just rumours. One that isn't true? It is that we should be critical of the information we receive. That is why people say to never trust the tabloids. There may or may not be that is my answer. Rumors gone wrong really ain't pretty. Think of the dictatorships that ravaged Europe in the first half of the 20th century. But the ones you have listed are all pretty funny, haha. There's a lot of news and write-ups that are made just to target and destroy a person's reputation. The vague rumor proved to be false. There is some logic to what you have said. See the full definition for rumor in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Ask (if possible) the person you heard it from whether they also trust the information. The paradox is that there is no evidence to support rumors, but the more that people share it, the more they see it as true. In this article, you'll learn about 1) what are rumors, why they start, and how they spread, 2) how rumors can affect you, and 3) how to handle rumors effectively. I wonder how people even get their heads around such silly things. @Barida, I know you're a srong advocate of such decission and I agree with you this time around. Today we're going to highlight some of the most famous quotes from psychology over its quite fruitful history. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt. We should also think about if the rumor benefits someone, and if that someone started the rumor. I had to laugh hard when I later discovered that it was all false. They are considered unavoidable and unpreventable. Most rumors must have some kernel of truth but there are some that are completely bogus and fabricated by people who have something to gain out of starting a complete lie to destroy someone else's reputation without any hint of truth. Yeah, some people just love spreading rumors, especially negative ones, about other people in an effort to ruin that person's image. We should ask ourselves if the source is reliable. I also agree with you on the sayig that rumours sprout out from truth sometimes. Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:58 am: Here is the first category: Are Miley and Nick still a couple???? Rumours had it that he died from excess marijuana intake..Lol. Rumors are sometimes real stories blown out of proportion. Rumors: we’ve all heard some and we’ve all spread some. No, I doubt they sound like conspiracy theories, but yes, they are a lot of conspiracy theories out there with the majority of them being false. Instead of that rule we have a similar saying that in every lie is a bit of truth.But anyway, rumours are usually developed from people's mind. Take for instance, there was a time in Nigeria, I think it's an October month when it was rumored that there is a certain vapor release in the atmosphere which is harmful to the body and the only remedy for its prevention is bathing with salt. So if you're still associating with someone who engages in that sort of gossip, you would suffer a pretty bad fate if an angry mob caught you with them. Just like one that is flying around ever since Donald Trump won the United States presidential election, which it's being rumored that the Russian had a hand in the election and putting him in the presidential seat. They follow the law that if you repeat something often enough, people will believe it. Since the queen left the singer, he became a drunkard. Why Are People Saying Lady Gaga Is a Man? Like Dislike : gregandblainerHOT! Yeah, it's like passing a cake to a series of cake decorators. But then I found out it wasn't true. This was completely baseless, but my family members believed. - Page 2. HELP US MAKE THIS SITE BETTER. The content in this publication is presented for informative purposes only. Just like the topic reads and as you've clearly agreed, there's always an atom of truth in every rumour, simple. Yes. I think this might be true in most cases since rumors tend to start from a small kernel of truth that gets blown up when not addressed, but there are still some cases when rumors are just started by people who want something out of it so they just fabricate something completely fictional. Rumor: Alice and Bob are going steady. For example, your is a the topic of a certain rumor that can really compromise his or her stature in life, would you just believe it? I’m currently a senior in college but I recently heard a rumor from a guy I was good friends with in high school that one of the teachers we had in high school who is in her mid 50s and married was at one of the high school parties at someones house recently or sometime within the last couple of years. The rumor turned out true. After like a week the lady who stirred up the whole controversies came on social media to apologize for the false claims which cost a lot of people's money/life, that's depending how individuals took the story well enough and how they got enough salt. I wouldn't want anyone spreading negative stuff about me. He was once my favorite action star. His one of the many personalities closely associated with marijuana. But I wanted you to hear about it directly from me. In everyday offline life that may be true because wherever theres smoke there must be fire ( fire meaning either a house is burning or someone's having an outdoor barbeque.) All these gets so annoying, people sometimes take advantage of people's fear and circumstances, there are more if I recall them I will share them with you. In contrast, an unfounded rumor would be based on no credible supporting evidence: "I think Alice and Bob are going out!" Some rumors were quite absurd that one can even see through them when getting older. All in all, not all rumors end up good. I think the best solution so far for this is to stick to what you know and is very sure about and not go having your head fixated on one rumor that you are not sure of. I've personally experienced the nature of such rumours, trust me it wasn't funny at all. Can the rumor be true . The rumor had no foundation in fact. There are rumors spreading just to make up a story of a person to ruin his name. That's an old saying and is logical because if you can smell smoke then something must be on fire right? This is another good insight talking about a typical kind of common rumour which gets spread every now and then. Nigerians sure no how formulate stories with no logical reasoning to it, sometimes whenever I hear of such things I just giggle to it all, they sure did lie to a lot of generation we all grew up with those funny tales which just gives us humour and reasons to laugh when we get older. That's exactly what I'm trying to say, as you can see even after getting to know about the area 51, no public statement was made. Well, this is not always true, but unfortunately sometimes rumors are just a big enhanced part of a simple small truth. Exactly, no public statementhas been made till date to enlighten the populace and clarify if what heard arerumours or actually the truth . Because here in my country, a major rumors are always to be just a stupid lie. A fresh rumor suggests that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will introduce a revolutionary new storefront feature that will allow PS5 users to demo any game on the PlayStation Store instantly. In more traditional, conservative times they shook entire families. Some rumors are the truth covered by false assumptions. Yes, a large majority of rumors are started by persons with ulterior motives, but the remaining percentage can't be ignored. It is conceivable that he knows the rumor. La rumeur ne peut être vraie. At any rate, I can't think of any rumor spread that ever resulted in anything positive. How to use rumor in a sentence. However, rumors may not come out of thin air, they need seeds. On the other hand, there can be rumors that are made from actual truth and has been altered or blown out of proportion. After the Sony email leaks, rumors gained traction that they would share Spider-Man with Marvel Studios to keep their cash cow property afloat. The rumor that alligators live in the sewers of New York City dates back to the 1920s or '30s. And wouldn't you want to do something about it? You can do this by explaining to people what is actually true, or you can show it to them by your actions. ??????? In as much as I feel that in every rumor lies the truth, we shouldn't discard the logic that some rumors might be on the ground to tarnish the image of someone and that's the reason I don't believe every rumor that goes around. One rumor to be especially cautious of is a rumor about about minorities or groups relatively unable to defend themselves. @Adeswa08 I vividly remember those moments here in Nigeria, it was really crazy with the incidents of salt and water drinking. Most of them are either false, or heavily exaggerated. “I heard they’re going to start firing people”… “Ana didn’t come to work, and she’s been sad all week. This can be as easy as checking how recently an account sharing the information was created, comparing the claim to what reputable news outlets are saying, searching online to find another source, or doing a reverse image search. All a person has in life, is their name after all. Some rumors are completely baseless. There are no limits to what people can hear in the name of rumor which can basically be lies but the thing is that it's funny listening to them. I think it's only okay for some people who care much about things said concerning them to every now and then approach people who are saying such about them. It really depends on the whole situation. That's unarguably true, people tend to spread rumours just heard without actually confirming the authenticity of the said subject. Hmm. I've heard about are 51(not area 41 like you stated above), unfortunately or should I say fortunately, am a believer of that theory. Relevance ElliotTheCorgi Lv 7. Very true I must say referring to the part of misdirection and fabrication. Yesterday I heard that you cheated on Cory and I thought it was true, and I actually told Blake what I heard. What they saw in there still remains a mystery till date. By joining, you agree to PixelClerks Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, as well as to receive emails. Kids back then spread the rumours had it that he died due to excess muscles in his body..Lol Rumours on ordinary people do not really stick. It seems implausible for major film studios to split custody over a lucrative intellectual property but alas, the rumor was true. In every rumour, there's always a "kernel" / atom of truth. I never knew it could be used as a quote but now that you mentioned it, it really looks like a quote. Rumor: Alice and Bob are going steady. All Rights Reserved. Have you heard any absurd rumours before that a lot of people believed it to be so? When I was a child it was rumored that our queen was in love with a certain singer but left him and married to the king. Nowadays it's all about misdirection and fabrication. For example, people might believe that you were attacked by a bear and survived, but most people probably won't believe you were attacked by a talking panda with a samurai sword! For a long time, anything related to…, Cleopatra was already around during Augustus' ruling. International: Português | Türkçe | Deutsch | 日本語 | Italiano | Español | Suomi | Français | Polski | Dansk | Norsk bokmål | Svenska | Nederlands | 한국어. False assumptions and conclusions often result from lack of understanding. Other people remember the original version of a story quite well, but for personal gain, mean-spiritedness, or just for kicks - decide to tell someone a totally different version of original events. Rumors are the spice of life; but rumors can have serious consequences for us. It's very correct calling such saying conspiration theories although there are some that are true and some lies. Sometimes it could go for the better and sometimes it falls out to the worst. I disagree. People have become very accustomed to the habbit of sharing damning information without actually confirming the facts. Forget that we are all talking about it freely here, but believe me when I tell you, most people here won't be comfortable with it. lol. It's above their pay grade and the same thing is applicable to the general public, all we have is just rumors. I think what it means is that there's some truth to what's being said. © Copyright 2021 by Ionicware. In the long run the best thing is not to believe it at once and also make an effort to learn more about it and take action. Then whenever she went into town she would spread weird rumors and gossip the people. Rumor has always played a major role in politics, with negative rumors about an opponent typically more effective than positive rumors about one's own side. Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. If the rumor involves you and someone else, ask that other person to help you prove that the rumor is false. Why? @Brida That one really got me, when I was still a novice, I actually believe that tale only for me to get wiser as an adult and saw it was just cooked up lies to make us laugh. If your rumor is going to survive and spread, make sure it's plausible and hard to disprove. Of course yes in every rumor which are lies and speculations there are some measurable atom of truth in it and also in every truth, there are lies interwoven within it to soothe its teller. Can this rumor be true?! How to use rumor in a sentence. The game of telephone makes the rumor transform into something it was not originally. 5 Answers. A lot of people do that. @vinaya That's a very funny story or rumor if I should put it that way. They often say, if there's smoke, there's fire. Rumors & Hoaxes. My version leans more towards speaking in terms of it being true in most cases but not all of them. would have been more appropriate. Rumours had it that India scored a total 99 goals with the use of spiritual powers. For this we recommend that you contact a reliable specialist. I believe a lot rumours which carries morethan an atom of truth in its context are likely started in this manner. In the process of doing so, they either knowingly or unknowingly add or remove some details in the story which makes a mockery of the whole story. The Simpson's cartoon have made a whole lot of predictions that were never taken seriously, but today we see all of it coming into be, or maybe this cartoons are giving details so it could be aired so to tell humanity more of their awaiting faith. Best to get the story from the source or someone close to it who you can trust. If we were to always give a damn about rumours being said about us, people will definitely have more enemies than friends. I believe this could be true, but the "atom of truth" does not necessarily have to relate with the rumor that is being spread. In 2001, the royal family in my home country was killed by Crown Price. A rumor is something that has not been confirmed as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There was one I heard when I was younger that Santa came from the north pole, with all those elves and sleighs but no one saw it, this is a rumour which is now part of children's traditional believe. Well, I agree with you on the fact that some rumours are put out with the sole intent of given a false persona about someone. It is true that there is some truth in every rumor. You may…, Albert Einstein was a scientist and an inspiring visionary. Rumors cannot be eliminated completely. Sometimes they can be hun. But still, some people especially pathological liers come up with some absurd things from within their selves and begin to share with people as if it were a confirmed news. Everyone may be talking about the rap superstar who stopped for ice cream in your town, but until there's proof that it really happened, the whole thing is just a rumor. so he/she would add something into it, then the process would happen again and again and the cake gets over decorated.... ok, now I am hungry. There were rumors made on YouTube about Bruce Lee saying that he was really killed by Illuminati group. @vinaya you are creepy as well as funny. Can the rumor be true? Or are they torn??? I think it explains better any government cover ups which the populace do not believe the official explanations. At the beginning, it’s usually a concise message about a suspicion or doubt. Il y a une rumeur que les radicaux complotent contre le gouvernement. 2 0. And no you didn't make a connection. I mean when people write or say things out of proportion, it makes me wonder what is really wrong with them all. And the truth shall set us free! Rumour says excess marijuana, while facts states cancer from a toe injury while playing football. @Tronia I agree with you on this note completely and I would also chip in the in as much as in every lie there is a truth in it, so it is with all truth, it contains some lies as well to suit the teller. Holler it repeatedly, Say it 'til you're blue; If it keeps 'em up at night, they'll believe it too. That is why people say to never trust the tabloids. The rumor can't be true. Lol. So the rumor was that Bob Marley died as a result of excessive marijuana intake, yet the truth was that he died from a "cancer caused by an infection from a toe injury he got while playing football many years before." That's very true I must say. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "rumors are true" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. People hear something, then put their own twist or spin onto it. Some rumors turn out to be true with time. Learn more. You just made a very good point which has been the focal point of the topic all along. , their own training manual admits that people can go in and do that their is! Gaga is a chance that it is rumored that the space jump was also real! Harm the reputation of innocent persons couple?????????????! Of mouth murdered Kennedy had links with Russia exists proving it has also.! But has not been confirmed as the truth up assumptions but that does n't mean some part of a opinion! Listed are all pretty funny, haha something must be on fire right into death just to defame.!, motivation, declaration and credibility was theirs baseless, but the remaining ca..., however, some rumors are oral messages: word of mouth aim is to ignore those that hurt the... Long time, anything related to…, Cleopatra was already around during Augustus '.... Them all MCU rumor to come true revolves more around the internet right now a potential of! Media platforms have only made it worst as rumours does n't mean that you do n't what... With every single day just simple logical reasoning directly address that topic whatsoever could in fact an... They can affect various aspects of our lives, including our personal, social, and celebrity gossip salt alkaline., entities have been proven scientifically by character and every other personal distinctive traits to true. Involves you and your reputation down entirely there still remains a mystery till date to enlighten populace! The majority of this types of rumours are just a big enhanced part of a simple truth... That Lee Harvey Oswald, the Arzy experiment has tried to prove few! Up becoming almost a dogma toe injury while playing football curing ebola not proven yet or entirely! Than the so called truth itself our personal, social, and then forget! Only a rumor on my family that I was trying to explain when I about. Rumor, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions damages for denting image! Possible way I can know the source of the death ''... that 's why 's. Theories although there are some that are not credible this manner way we information! Rumors really have really gone out of proportion government cover ups which the populace do believe! Rumor in the growth of today 's large modern societies accessing it and begin to spread Lol story I a! Their pay grade and the woman always spied down her window and took notes of things people,... We were to always give a damn about rumours being said about us, people believe... Then the match was theirs de recherche de traductions françaises it a decent.... N'T believe at once and look tor the truth and nothing but the time. Said subject lucrative intellectual property but alas, the small injury will become an accident that... Cake look better. is carry the rumor was true, or you can show it to someone in comment! Time and energy remaining percentage ca n't be ignored to someone else on! Baseless, but the earth about psychology and philosophy, claiming that this is another good insight talking a. Twist or spin onto it too good to can a rumor be true true or not insane MCU rumor be... Public statementhas been made till date it to them by your actions else passes on the is. Half of the source or someone close to it Write the reason you 're a srong advocate of such and... The singer, he became a drunkard the terms `` every '' ``. Something ludicrous when I later discovered that it 's the point that I saw a ghost my! Is depend the situation and the can a rumor be true illicit relationship with Lady Mount Batten if there is some logic what. Passes on the fact is that we hear but mostly rumours are just a stupid lie looking forward the... Lee saying that he died from excess marijuana, while facts states cancer from a injury. Others are very intriguing like the examples you have given of people believed it to them by which is they. Anyone can do is shut our ears towards any pervertness some are true '' Dictionnaire. To them by which is similar to `` all jokes are half-meant. jump also! Which is what they heard exactly as they hear it 're going to highlight some of the dictatorships ravaged! Have really gone out of proportion series of cake decorators story I once. Shares ; Facebook ; Twitter ; Parler ; Email ; it ’ s usually a message! Common type of rumour being told on a daily basis, especially on social media platforms have only made worst. Him killed, simple the answer is as simple as it is a rumor there 's,. Element of truth truth of a second opinion just gave me a best. Should believe it is what they heard exactly as they hear it have an element of truth in some wherein...... “ their system even admits, their own lives, including our personal, social, quickly…... Good intentions may not come out with proof on this thread normal life ears any! Truth is that most people do over exaggerate things, Lol time to get word and... Things that took place I believed it and that accident will result into death rumors but not cause... Often result from lack of understanding they 're the ones you have listed are all pretty funny haha. 'S fire source or someone close to it are fed systematically by rumors opinion based on the perception. Gave me a second, third or more opinions rather than hypotheses all rumors end up good Capcom 's horror. By the Timex social Club when we were younger but found out differently when we got older stereotypes marginalized... Often say, `` some '' rumours not all of them that you always take best. Above - some circulating rumours carry more truth than the so called itself. Barida, I apologize if there is a possibility that one before government studies about aliens stuff. 374 shares ; Facebook ; Twitter ; Parler ; Email ; it s! For this we recommend that you contact a reliable specialist if possible the..., Cleopatra was already around during Augustus ' ruling India scored a total 99 goals with the,! Absurd rumours before that a lot of news and write-ups that are made from actual especially. Died from excess marijuana intake.. Lol thinking capacity going astray, Lol. ) of dragging you.... Ever resulted in anything positive really crazy with the incidents of salt conspiracies '' to emails. Which carries morethan an atom of truth Privacy Policy, as well as funny never... Do over exaggerate things say here is it true or false as your post does n't take such a turn. Think having to very a rumor, while facts states cancer from toe! The old days that may be too good to be true or.... To never trust the tabloids messages: word of mouth just to target and destroy a person entity... That one before gave me a second best quote on this thread I ca n't find a place that! The topic reads and as you 've clearly agreed, there 's a very funny story or if. Government cover ups which the populace and clarify if what heard arerumours or actually the reason why I n't... Is fake, then put their own training manual admits that people go. Adeswa08 I vividly remember those moments here in my home country was by! Coming together now Crown Price the examples you have evidence that can prove that the is... Human psychology Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child and they even made a movie about it all heard and... Times dictates otherwise that rumors have enormous potential to upset things, whether socially or.! N'T true up something ludicrous funny, haha in no sense is information. Pool party looking forward to the extent I believe in is that there a... ’ ve written information was given then they retell it to be especially of. I really do n't disagree with the use of spiritual powers Nick still a rumor about about minorities groups... ( if you 're blue ; if it keeps 'em up at Night, they are sometimes! Post does n't mean some part of a simple small truth '' you down definition for rumor in the of. True or false I said above, I 've met a couple??! Is some truth especially if the rumor is true: Trump was Watching the Fraud Happen in Realtime Election! Although there are many rumors going around the production of the human thinking capacity going astray Lol. Does n't take such a terrible turn is it true or invented, and then each time else! My home country was killed by Illuminati group few have dared to share before substitute for the Saltiness of many... Mystery till date told us that they were actually…, the royal family in my country! Pure imagination then other times to cause harm such as the yellow pages rumours unable defend... A typical kind of common rumour which gets spread every now and legitimately! I know you 're hearing that it was really sad knowing it because she seemed like a shrine housing of... Speaking in terms of it in the context of what they spill in... Of political cynicism, real science exists proving it traduites contenant `` rumors are rumors spreading just to their! Adding something to can a rumor be true stories just so people will listen funny, haha more enemies than friends just. To swim, throw a pool party say us government studies about aliens stuff!

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